Reliability Services

IMS : Integrated Maintenance Solutions
An IMS contract brings together all areas of expertise by SKF, establishing a continuous process of maintenance analysis and improvements. Each IMS agreement / contract is customized to specific business needs.
AEO : Asset Efficiency Optimization
AEO is work management process, designed to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness from work management activities focused on business goals for your facility, including production, environment and safety. Though AEO asset efficiency is optimized - not mindlessly targeted.
PRM : Proactive Reliability Maintenance
SKF RS defines PRM as a living dynamic process that addresses failures and implements the actions necessary to prevent their recurrence. 
PdM : Predictive Maintenance
PdM is an integral part of a total plant improvement program, configured to eliminate factors that limit plant effectiveness. PdM's are just not to anticipate breakdowns and schedule corrective maintenance task.
Dynamic Analysis
Vibration Analysis




Our large inventory of products enable us to provide prompt delivery to our customers all over India. 
We provide next day delivery to local customers within the immediate geographic area of our local offices.

We have a separate division and staff focusing only on  Logistics. This is located at our 192 Thambu Chetty street, Georgetown, Chennai office. This enables us to provide prompt delivery and superior service.



In collaboration with SKF, we provide bearing inspection services. United Bearing Co.'s  staff is trained to do basic inspection of bearings for genuine characteristics, dimensional inspection and analysis and quality and condition of the bearing.

Advanced analysis is done by sending it to the manufacturer and getting a written report on inspection of your bearing.



Root cause failure analysis

The accurate diagnosis of a bearing failure is necessary to prevent repeated failures. The failure of a bearing causes not only in the bearing to be replaced but also additional expenses and loss of productivity. Our staff is trained to do simple basic failure analysis. More complex analysis is done in collaboration with SKF engineers. 

In order to correctly diagnose a bearing failure, it is necessary for only trained staff to collect all the necessary information in order to make a correct analysis. Ensuring that one of UBC 's service personnel to be present while collecting the information will ensure quick and reliable analysis of information.


Mounting / Dismounting

In order for a bearing to function properly, it is very important that the correct mounting and dismounting methods be used. UBC 's staff is trained in guiding your staff in ensuring that the best and correct procedures are followed in the mounting and dismounting of bearings. 

The type of bearing used for a given application and the method of mounting and dismounting is determined initially at the design stage of the bearing and the equipment used.  Mounting should, wherever possible, be carried out in a clean and dust-free room and not where there are dust-producing machines. 

SKF manufactures a wide variety of mounting and dismounting equipment that can be used for all your bearing mounting and dismounting needs. 


UBC Technical Services Division
In collaboration with SKF, we have set up a separate technical services group to provide our customers with the very best possible technical services.  Our services include:
Contract Technical & Operational Services

We have experienced engineers providing prompt services as part of our technical service team. All of our salespersons and service engineers have extensive experience in bearings and related products. 

SKF engineers are also available on call on a fee basis for SKF products or where additional SKF expertise is required. 

All-in-one Maintenance of Bearings, Seals and Bearing Preventive Maintenance Solutions

We have provided maintenance solutions for Bearings, Seals and Maintenance products since 1986 in conjunction with SKF Technical Services. Our Engineers have also done on-site technical seminars.

Reliability Maintenance Services

Our unique experience in dealing with the Indian Bearing market for the past 50 years has given us unmatched expertise in designing solutions for getting your job done in a reliable and cost-effective manner.

         SKF has a very wide range of specialized services.
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